Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ratu Felisha Naughty Celebrities

Sometimes good girls do become naughty girls.

Just like Ratu Felisha.

Once thought to be as good as gold, she stunned the Indonesian entertainment world last year when she agreed to pose for the Indonesian version of the racy men’s magazine FHM in nothing more than a bikini.

But her slide into decadency had only just begun.

Her real moment of unabashed debauchery was captured on someone’s handphone camera while she was partying hard in one of Bali’s many nightclubs.

A Marlboro Light in one hand, she seems to be enjoying the attention her right breast is receiving from the young man who has one hand firmly on her body.

And by all reports they even took it further than that. But behind closed doors of course.

But what would Felisha’s poor mother have to say about that?

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