Sunday, July 15, 2007


TEVE & RYAN covered the madness around the BRITISH INVASION of THE U.S.A. last night, as The BECKHAMS descended on LOS ANGELES. Hundreds of fans and paparazzi surrounded the International terminal at L.A.X. awaiting the arrival of VICTORIA & DAVID BECKHAM, best friends of TOM CRUISE & KATIE HOLMES.

Extra security, police escorts, and, their own reality show’s TV crew, greeted the popular couple as they emerged from the terminal and were escorted through the chaos and into their waiting SUV. They then exited the airport followed by motorcycle escorts and the paparazzi horde.

The BECKHAMS are moving to LOS ANGELES so DAVID BECKHAM can play for the local soccer team, THE GALAXY, who are paying him $250 million for this honor. His first game will be on July 21st and it’s already completely sold out.

See BECKHAM pics on PHOTO of the DAY and Click the photo above for the video


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