Sunday, July 15, 2007

Britney Spears followed closely by Paris Hilton.

Forbes Magazine just published an article about the most overexposed celebrities. Not surprisingly, topping the list is Britney Spears, followed closely by Paris Hilton.

“According to studies by Encino California-based E-Poll Market Research, which provides appeal rankings for more than 3,000 celebrities, 72% of the U.S. population would use the term “overexposed” to describe Spears in 2007, as compared to only 54% five years earlier. To put that in perspective, most celebrities average between 3% and 7% during the peak of their careers. Worse: During that same period, her “talented” score, the presumed basis for her celebrity, fell from 35% to 25% on the E-Poll index.”

The article asks who is to blame for this overexposure: the stars themselves or the media?

Top Ten Most Overexposed Celebrities:

1. Britney Spears - 72 per cent
2. Paris Hilton - 68 per cent
3. Kevin Federline - 54 per cent
4. Tom Cruise - 53 per cent
5. Nicole Richie - 52 per cent
6. Lindsay Lohan - 48 per cent
7. Michael Jackson - 47 per cent
8. Donald Trump - 47 per cent
9. Dallas Cowboys football player Terrell ‘T.O.’ Owens - 45 per cent
10. The late Anna Nicole Smith’s former lover and lawyer Howard K Stern - 45 per cent

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