Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Battle : Tiara Lestari vs. Julia Perez

Two of Indonesia’s most popular female celebrities must be Tiara Lestari and Julia Perez.

But who would take the honors if they were pitted against each other celebrity death match style?

Well, here’s your chance to choose.

First off though, the lowdown on the two of them:

Tiara Lestari: This simple village lass made “kampong” chic. But now a completely reformed character: international stardom simply wasn’t her calling. Even so, her legacy lives on. Likes leopard clothing. Unmarried. Any takers?

Julia Perez: This unabashed city slicker could eat Tiara for breakfast. Although reluctant to go the whole way as Tiara once did, she still manages to grab the headlines. Also likes leopard clothing. Strangely enough, she’s already married. But quite what her hubbie must be thinking about her exploits is anyone’s guess!

Tiara Lestari
Julia Perez. Not.

Julia Perez
Tiara Lestari. Not.

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