Sunday, July 15, 2007

Battle of the sexy Metro TV babes

I’m happy to report that my recent head-to-head showdown which pitted kampung wonderbabe Tiara Lestari against the nymphomatic Julia Perez has attracted a lot of interest.

And the winner is….

…rather surprisingly, Tiara Lestari. She was on 106 votes compared to Julia’s 36, the last time I looked.

I say surprisingly cos most Indonesians tend to look down on dark skin chicks, preferring lighter skin types like Julia. But I guess Tiara’s body was really the concluding factor that swung votes away from Julia. So substance DOES matter. Nice to see that, of course. After all, beauty is never just skin deep: it pays to have a decent pair of assets as well.

For my new poll it’s not so much a two-horse race, but more of a free-for-all involving a bunch of extremely sexy yet utterly prim and proper Metro TV babes.

My favorites are pictured below, but please check through the complete list of talent before casting your vote.

Amelia Ardan
Amelia Ardan: sultry good looks makes her a top choice.

Chantal Della Concetta
Chantal Della Concetta: Of Chinese/Italian lineage she is a real rarity. Concetta was born in Bandung, West Java.

Fifi Aleyda Yahya
Fifi Aleyda Yahya: Has great credentials: was named “Miss Jakarta” in 1995.

Maria Kalaij
Maria Kalaij: Comes from Manokwari. Where the hell is that?

Rahma Sarita
Rahma Sarita: great face and very flirty, Rahma is the anchor of Metro TV’s investigative program “Metro Realitas”.

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